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Professional operation team


Five-year cumulative sales broke one hundred million


Helped customers sell more than three million products in total

Amazon Agency Operation Mode

The eight modules of Harvey E-commerce

Platform onboarding

Amazon platform registration, overseas trademark registration, VAT tax account, business process risk management.

Store Operation

Store sales/profit synchronization, page conversion rate optimization, marketing campaign organization.

Business Improvement

Product design and development, SWOT competition analysis, overseas consumer behavior analysis, product selling point creation, cost optimization.

Integrated Marketing

Google, KOL, Facebook, etc., to increase sales channels and coordinate with Amazon.

Industry Planning

Plans product layout, operation strategies, market analysis, exploration, and industry positioning.

Brand Building

Promotes English brand, positions products, plans content marketing, and develops full channel layout to boost brand influence.

Warehouse Logistics

Manages efficient logistics, transportation, FBA, direct mailing, overseas delivery, and cost-effectiveness.

Customer Service

Optimizes Amazon reviews, QA, after-sales service, returns management, and brand channel maintenance.

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Harvey's recent sales results

More than 300 customers, covering clothing, sporting goods, electronic machinery and other industries

Successful Stories

Learn how Harvey's e-commerce has impacted hundreds of business owners.

The team at Harvey E-commerce is professional and patient. They not only helped me solve many technical problems, but also made my product a place on Amazon through carefully designed marketing strategies. Thanks to Harvey E-commerce, I will continue to choose them as my partner.

Milo| Manager

After working with different management service providers for many years. I can't praise Harvey E-Commerce enough.

Not only have our Amazon sales increased by over 120% in the first year, but we have virtually zero refunds. Harvey E-Commerce has unique skills to grow Amazon's business, and the business has exceeded our expectations.


Harvey E-Commerce has become an important part of our team, and it is a great pleasure to cooperate with Harvey E-Commerce. We hired Harvey E-Commerce about 5 years ago and our products are now available in some of the top big box stores in the US. Since we are located in China, we had problems communicating with other representative agencies, but the cooperation with Harvey E-Commerce went very smoothly. Their team works around the clock, responds quickly, and works the right partnership to grow my business.


Our company has been struggling with our Amazon business and is nearly shutting down. The team at Harvey was able to renegotiate our annual terms agreement and get our Amazon business profitable again. They have grown our business beyond our expectations over the past 4+ years and continue to keep our pages relevant, keeping our AMS ACOS below 8%.


Harvey E-commerce is the best e-commerce operation team I have ever encountered. They not only have rich knowledge and experience in e-commerce but also are very sensitive to the needs of customers, always providing help at the first time. I am very satisfied with their service and believe they will help more merchants achieve their sales goals.

Jasper| Manager

The service from Harvey E-commerce really surprised me. They deeply understand our products and proposed some marketing strategies that I had never thought of. These strategies have significantly exposed our products on Amazon, and I sincerely thank them.

Luca| Manager

Working with Harvey E-commerce is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Their professional knowledge and meticulous service have led to unprecedented growth in my Amazon store. I would recommend Harvey E-commerce to all merchants who need help.

Asher| Manager

I couldn't find a better partner than Harvey E-commerce. They are always ready to help us, and their professional advice and timely feedback have made our sales performance soar. Thanks to Harvey E-commerce, you have made my business grow and develop!

Oakley| Manager

The comprehensive service provided by Harvey E-commerce has exceeded my expectations. Their deep understanding of the e-commerce market and professional operation strategies have significantly increased my sales. I greatly admire their professionalism and quality of service.

Athena| Manager

The quality of service from Harvey E-commerce is high and the response speed is fast. Their professional and innovative operation team has enabled my Amazon store to develop rapidly and steadily increase sales. I am very satisfied with the professional services of Harvey E-commerce, and I believe they can help all e-commerce merchants achieve success.

Eliana| Manager

Since choosing Harvey E-commerce as our Amazon operation service provider, our sales have significantly improved. Their team's professional knowledge and experience always help us find the optimal solution. I'm very satisfied with their service and strongly recommend it to all merchants who want to sell on Amazon!


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